Thank you for checking out our registry! You’ll find it’s a little different from most, but we hope you’ll jump in and enjoy being a part of it.

Here's the scoop: A wedding registry is a wondrous thing – unless you’ve just spent four months taking the accumulations of a combined 114 years of living and trying to fit them under one roof. At our age, true love means the convergence of two hearts, two minds, two souls, and two of just about everything a person can own. We're like the Noah's Ark of housewares. Don’t be surprised if our wedding features a yard sale.


So we don’t really need more “stuff.” What we would love, though, as we embark on our future together, is some help bringing our new 1979-vintage home into the future with us. Or at least, into the present. We’ve already removed the wall of gold-veined mirrors, the yellow plaid kitchen wallpaper, and the amber-tinted Lucite chandelier -- but there’s still plenty to do. By contributing to our registry, you can help us bid goodbye to our metallic orange foyer decor, Mediterranean-style cabinetry, and 50-gallon harvest gold and seafoam green toilets.


Or you can help us buy a hot tub.


Whatever you choose to do, the most wonderful thing will be that you chose to be a part of celebrating our new life together.


To start, just click REGISTRY above.

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